How it works:

- Add Scrum or Sprint items to My Lists by status – To Dos, Done, Impediments

- Automatically move To Dos, Done, Impediments statuses with one touch

- Add Facebook friends to your personal Scrum List


- See all statuses of Scrum List members

- Scrum List members see all your statuses

- Text, Email or Post a Facebook message to members of your Scrum list or any of your Facebook friends


AgileSocial is an Agile project management and collaboration app which provides visibility into scrum and sprint tasks and communication via mobile methods and social media.

With AgileSocial:

- Simplify communication and information sharing


- Share status

- See status

- Build better products


- Identify fails early

- Deliver fast

AgileSocial promotes teamwork:


Your team will be optimized and empowered to make better decisions. Collaborate and deliver while being productive and having fun.

AgileSocial provides rapid information:

Always be in the loop, you and your teammates will be in sync at all times and only the updates that matter are shared as you are in complete control.


AgileSocial is Mobile and Social:

Keep critical conversations front and center on Facebook. Update your tasks and activities wherever you are. Read, post and reply from your iPhone or iPad. Your team is always with you.

AgileSocial is organized:


Keep your Scrum team contacts in a custom list on your iPhone or iPad. You can expand your list to include other friends in your Scrum.


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