Air Hippo

【免費街機App】Air Hippo-APP點子

Christmas is coming and millions of children around the world are waiting for their gifts. But is not easy to make everyone happy and Santa needs help. Now you can participate in the Xmas gift-away marathon!

In this game you will:

★ Control Christmas hippo;

【免費街機App】Air Hippo-APP點子

★ Give gifts to happy children;

★ Try to be as fast as possible - kids don't like to wait;

【免費街機App】Air Hippo-APP點子

★ Challenge your Facebook friends and share Christmas postcards with them.

Game features:

★ Unique game mechanics;

【免費街機App】Air Hippo-APP點子

★ Christmas atmosphere;

★ Free game fun;

【免費街機App】Air Hippo-APP點子

★ Friends competition;

★ Lovely postcards for your friends!

Like the Hippo Claus -

【免費街機App】Air Hippo-APP點子

Video -

【免費街機App】Air Hippo-APP點子

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