Airplane Descent Calculator PR

【免費工具App】Airplane Descent Calculator PR-APP點子

Airplane Descent Calculator Pro - Now $0,99 for a Limited Time!! allows you to:

- Calculate the distance in which the plane should begin the descent, for a specific descent rate (vertical speed) and ground speed (horizontal speed):

【免費工具App】Airplane Descent Calculator PR-APP點子

- Calculate the descent rate you need to go down from your current distance and altitude to the target altitude.

- Automatically get your current altitude and ground speed from the GPS

【免費工具App】Airplane Descent Calculator PR-APP點子

Suppose you are at 10.000 feet and need to descend to 2.000 feet. Where do you begin your descent, or, you are 15 miles away from the runway, and need to descent from 10.000 feet to 2.000 feet. What should be your descent rate?

Many times during an aircraft flight, true ground speed differs from precomputed ground speed, so, during the flight is necessary to calculate how far we need to begin the descent, or the descent rate from a specific distance. To avoid needing to go down at 3.000 feet/minute in a Cessna 150, to descend from the current altitude to runway altitude.

【免費工具App】Airplane Descent Calculator PR-APP點子

This App does not have Ads, and only position permissions needed, for GPS read.

【免費工具App】Airplane Descent Calculator PR-APP點子

You can also check the free version Airplane Descent Calculator Lite

【免費工具App】Airplane Descent Calculator PR-APP點子

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