Airplane Sim 3D

【免費街機App】Airplane Sim 3D-APP點子

Airplane Sim 3D is new realistic plane simulator for all fans of Airplane SIm Games and airplane Fly Simulators! Always dreamed to pilot you own plane and become the best pilot in whole world? So, our new application is what you really need!

【免費街機App】Airplane Sim 3D-APP點子

How To Play: Take under control your own plane and try to improve your pilot skills. Tap the acceleration pedal to get higher and brake pedal to get lower. Tilt your smartphone to control your airplane. Follow instructions and complete all missions in the game.

【免費街機App】Airplane Sim 3D-APP點子

Airplane Sim 3D Features:

【免費街機App】Airplane Sim 3D-APP點子

- Realistic airplane simulator and perfect 3D graphics

【免費街機App】Airplane Sim 3D-APP點子

- User-friendly interface and intuitive control: just tap pedals and tilt smartphone

【免費街機App】Airplane Sim 3D-APP點子

- A lot of airplane missions and tasks

- Big aircraft fleet

Download Airplane Sim 3D and become a real pilot!

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