Airport Car Parking 3D

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

Get your vehicle ready and buckle up to drive around in the airport city.

The flight is ready to take off. The passengers are waiting at the airport city terminal ready for their VIP car pick up and drop service.

Can you take care of the VIP passengers travelling? This job is not easy you have to drop the passengers to the airplane while making sure they don’t miss the flight.

The toughest job is parking the car near the airplane while the passenger gets down. You have to make sure that you park the car exactly in the correct position. The car parking should take place in time right before the departure of the flight so that the passenger is not late.


* Excellent Car Simulation Physics

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

* 3D Environment and Great HD Graphics

* Simple Game Play with tough missions

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

* Experience the car parking simulation

The pressure is on you for the VIP car parking service next to airplane. So drive against the time and drop the passengers before departure!

Game Features:-

→ FREE Game with optional In-app purchase

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

→ Airport City themes and environments

→ Competitive Levels

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

→ Excellent HD Graphics and Sound

→ Dynamic Effects and Animations

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

→ Multiple Truck Upgrades

→ RATE & SHARE the game

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

→ Revolutionize Camera views

→ Challenge and share score with all your Family and Friends

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

→ Compatible with all Mobiles, Tabs and TV.

How to Play:-

- Tap on left to control steering

【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

- Accelerate to move forward, change the gear to take the vehicle reverse

- Apply the brake whenever required to slow down the speed

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【免費街機App】Airport Car Parking 3D-APP點子

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