Airport Rush Pro

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The flight is about to leave, and you are busy somewhere else. You are stuck in a traffic jam or tied up at work or have some things to deal with. You have no time to loose. The flight is about to leave and you have to rush to the counter to check in. This is the situation that is modelled in the airport rush game.

After parking your car in the parking lot, you start running. Because you have very little time, till the counter closes. And the road to the airport is filled with obstacles. When do obstacles pop up? When we need to get to some place in the shortest time possible. So start running jump over and scroll below the obstacles placed, and go to airport fast, and clear immigration.

Airport Rush Features.

1. An amazing concept (A problem which most of us have faced).

【免費動作App】Airport Rush Pro-APP點子

2. Flash graphics.

【免費動作App】Airport Rush Pro-APP點子

3. A lot of obstacles.

4. A game to play and have fun

Thought of this, on a day, I almost missed the flight. Hope you enjoy the game and have fun :)

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