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Quran e Kareem, A true book from Allah. Every Muslim should listen and recite Koran. Complete Audio of Al-Quran Englsih 114 Surah) with nice and famous reciters from the world. Beautiful Arabic font and English Translations of Quran.

Complete Quran recitation in voices of nine famous Qari/Reciters from the World.

Easy and fast Surah Index List with Surah details like Para, Total Ayah, Ruku and Juz etc. Also described the Maki/Madni category.

【免費生活App】AlQuran English-APP點子

Excellent saving ayah bookmarks along with description and functionality of goto ayah feature.

Key Features of this App:

【免費生活App】AlQuran English-APP點子

> Audio with 9 Reciters.

> Can customize the text size etc.

> There are other useful features added to give you maximum good user experience..

> Go To feature added.

【免費生活App】AlQuran English-APP點子

Verse by verse synchronized recitation audio in voice of 9 Qari:

1- Ahmed Al Ajmi

2- Ali Al-Hothaify

3- Maher Moeqali

【免費生活App】AlQuran English-APP點子

4- Mohammad Ayoub

5- Saad Al-Ghamdi

6- Sheikh Sudais

7- Waheed Qasmi Urdu

8- Mishary Rashid

【免費生活App】AlQuran English-APP點子

9- Sheikh Minshawi

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【免費生活App】AlQuran English-APP點子

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