Aladdin vs Goblins

【免費街機App】Aladdin vs Goblins-APP點子

This is the famous Aladdin game, Aladdin vs Goblins. An EXCLUSIVE release for playstore by "MangoFroot Studios". All in all it's a FREE GAME.

The Goblins stole the magic lamp of Aladdin. Kill the Goblins and bring back the Magic Lamp.

【免費街機App】Aladdin vs Goblins-APP點子

Aladdin has a magic door that will bring him to the goblins worlds. Help Aladdin to defeat all the Goblins to bring back the lamp.

Play multiple levels and enjoy the adventure in each level. Win 50 coins to win each level!!!

【免費街機App】Aladdin vs Goblins-APP點子

Follow the instructions before the game starts.

【免費街機App】Aladdin vs Goblins-APP點子

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