Alarm Alarm

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Alarm Alarm


Best on the market,

the most comprehensive anti-theft system.

It could protect your device or bags from being stolen.

Whiling working, it could produce loud alarm and red flashlight.

It could make the thief scary.

The system has many sounds to select.

The sounds were processed to make it big, you could hear it even you are in a crowd.

What's more, you could make your own sounds. Record anything you like, just like "Help" etc.

The system provides PIN system. You should input your password to stop alarming.

Protect Your iPhone/iPod Now !!!!



✔ Automatic alarm.

✔ Alarm triggers when device is moved or touched!!

✔ Support Retina

✔ Support PIN

✔ Eighteen sounds preset

✔ Alarming sound will not stop even press home button or lock the screen.

✔ Alarm with your own sound.

How To Stop Alarming


Touch the screen with two fingers and pinch in

A password dialogue will popup.

Then you could enter your password to unlock.

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