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Alene Too was started by Debbie Weisman and Lizzy Schwartz who have the recipe for great success: two styles, two passions and two generations bound together for one vision. Debbie and Lizzy bring their love of fashion and style to their clients and offer the most exclusive shopping experience to the people they value most, their customers! When they started Alene Too it was a single upscale boutique in the heart of Boca Raton, FL. Now four years later they have grown to three stores and counting.

Whats inside the Alene Too app?

-Get access to special Check-in Discounts!

-Shop and buy from the app.

-Share app specials and discounts with friends.

-Get GPS Directions to any Alene Too locations from anywhere in the world.

-Read our blogs.

-Much more..

【免費購物App】Alene Too-APP點子

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