Alert aggression

【免費通訊App】Alert aggression-APP點子

ALERT AGGRESSION is an app that will be useful in case of emergency as aggression or kidnapping.

It may save your life or incredibly help the police forces by giving your GPS position regularly.

The license is not linked to your phone number but to your Google account. You pay only once and use this app with all your cell phones.

You can secretly inform a number of friends or family members that will be able to quickly call the police for you. These people (6max) will be informed via SMS.

The aggressor will have no information about what is going on.



You‘ll just have to open the app and click on the panic button.

Then your friends or relatives will be warned by a personalized message.

Then your GPS coordinates will be sent during a selected time (customizable) and with a set frequency.

After the installation you will have to customize data.

- select the phone numbers you want to send SMS to.

- Type the first message you want to send.

- Set warning frequency (ie send the GPS coordinates every 5 minutes)

- Set warning duration (ie send the GPS coordinates during 45 minutes)

【免費通訊App】Alert aggression-APP點子

The first warning message will be:

"< Your personal message >

Latitude : < your GPS coordinates: latitude >

Longitude :

Go on this link to localize me on the map:

You will receive my GPS location every < set frequency > minutes, during< set duration > minutes."

Then, the next SMS will be:


Go on this link to localize me on the map:

【免費通訊App】Alert aggression-APP點子

It’s not only your initial location that will be sent, but also, if you succeed to keep your phone hidden, it will be vital information that may be given to the police forces to find you in case of kidnapping for example.

Even if the aggressor find your phone and throw it away, the police forces will have following crucial informations that may save your life:

-It is definitely an aggression and a possible kidnapping ,

- Location of the starting point is “here”,

- Time of aggression is known.

These are vital informations for the police forces to save time and avoid false tracks.

That really helps at a critical moment when time is life.

For US citizens. In your state, the 911 may receive SMS so include it in your emergency numbers and include your name in the emergency message to help the police forces to find you.

For my Australian friends, you should save 106 as emergency number. It allows you to send SMS.

To report a bug or propose improvement, please post a comment.

!!! Developers need your opinion and will take it in account!!!

【免費通訊App】Alert aggression-APP點子

New exciting features available soon !!!

【免費通訊App】Alert aggression-APP點子

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