All that baby

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

★Sticky Baby care App, All that baby is the must-have item !

■ Features & Contents

1. One hand operation UX

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

2. It combines various timing, tracking, and logging

functions. feeding(milk, breast feeding, weaning), defecation, sleeping, emotion, height/weight, vaccination

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

3. Vaccination scheduler

4. Power Dairy(text, voice, picture)

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

5. Complete summary of your child’s log grouped by items.

★★ support display 720X1280/800X1280 resolution

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[Q] Download the application received do not know How to use.

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

[A] Thank you for your application to us. You can see how to use applications. Come to our homepage ( If not resolved to the homepage, please send us a e-mail( ) We’ll be informed how to use.

[Q] Application is not working properly.

[A] We apologize for the inconvenience to the application. To solve this problem, We need more information. Device name you are using your own, IOS version, the problem occurs, Write down details of your situation,

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

Please send e-mail as soon as possible to solve the problem would be.

[Q] I want a refund application to purchase.

[A] Your application to cancel the purchase,

Here are the steps to request an Android app refund :

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

1. Go to Help (the lower part homepage)

2. Help articles > users

【免費健康App】All that baby-APP點子

3. Buying apps

4. Cancellations

If you do not know more Please send us an e-mail((, We’ll be informed in detail about refund how to proceed.

[Q] I have a good feedback about the application.

[A] Hyonga soft thought and valued your opinions. Sent us a good feedback, Update to consider when planning your next update so you can use, We’ll continue to reflect steadily. Always a good feedback, please send us an e-mail(

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