All-In-One Widget

【免費個人化App】All-In-One Widget-APP點子

Very clean and beautiful wigdet that displays the current date and time on the left, and cycles through various statistics on the right. Easy to view all important information from one single widget!

On the left you can see:

- Analog clock displaying current time

- Current date

And on the right you have:

- Current weather

- Upcoming calendar events

【免費個人化App】All-In-One Widget-APP點子

- Current battery statistics

- Current resource statistics (storage)

- Finance (stock quotes)

To cycle through the right side views, just tap on the widget. You can also set the widget to automatically cycle in 1 minute intervals from the configuration.

Statistics include:

- Weather (city, temperature, conditions, wind, humidity)

【免費個人化App】All-In-One Widget-APP點子

- Calendar (upcoming events with start time and title)

- Battery (charge level, status, health, temperature, voltage)

- Resources (free memory for apps, free memory on SD card, CPU usage for past 1/5/15 minute(s), memory usage, number of running apps)

【免費個人化App】All-In-One Widget-APP點子

- Finance (stock quotes with symbol and day's change in percent)

Based on excellent feedback from comments, the planned updates will include:

- Bug fixes

- Possibility to enable/disable views from the configuration

- Possibility to enable/disable auto-cycle from the configuration

【免費個人化App】All-In-One Widget-APP點子

- RSS view

- Digital clock

- More themes!


- Weather data provided by Google

【免費個人化App】All-In-One Widget-APP點子

- Financial data provided by Yahoo (NYSE updates)

Known issues:

- If settings are changed, updates are applied after next refresh cycle (so for example new stock symbols or weather updates might not appear immediately)

- There is no public calendar API so far, which means calendar events cannot be guaranteed to be shown on all devices

- On some devices the widget has become unresponsive (to touch events) after removing it and adding it back (in this case usually a forced stop corrects the situation)

【免費個人化App】All-In-One Widget-APP點子

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