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Most allergy attacks are brought on by triggers.

A trigger is anything that causes inflammation of the airways and brings on the symptoms of asthma or allergies. Common triggers include ozone, grass and tree pollens, mold, and air pollutants. Weather factors like temperature, barometric pressure and humidity can also aggravate your symptoms.

Allergy Ally is the first app that tracks your individual asthma and allergy symptoms day by day and correlate them to the environmental data geo-located to your specific location.

Finally you can identify which environmental factors correlate to YOUR personal symptoms. Find out what your triggers are. Know BEFORE your asthma or allergies get bad when you’re likely to have an attack.

How do we do it?

Allergy Ally aggregates 14 different environmental data streams, including:

* elevation

* relative humidity

* temperature

【免費健康App】Allergy Ally-APP點子

* barometric pressure

* grass pollen

* mold pollen

【免費健康App】Allergy Ally-APP點子

* tree pollen

* weed pollen

* ozone

【免費健康App】Allergy Ally-APP點子

* PM10

* PM2.5

All data streams are geographically tagged.

Then we correlate spikes in environmental conditions to spikes in your own personal asthma or allergy symptoms.

Allergy Ally even makes it easy for you to share your data with your immunologist or family doctor. Start having meaningful conversations about what your individualized treatment program should be.

Download Allergy Ally and start tracking your own personal asthma and allergy triggers today.

【免費健康App】Allergy Ally-APP點子

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