Alyss Science Inspiror

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

This education science app contains high quality 3d animated videos and short quizzes on some of the middle and high school science themes.

Topics covered are

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

Physics - photoelectric effect, Interference of light, Diffraction of light, Pressure, Friction, Doppler effect

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

Chemistry - Petroleum

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

Biology - Digestive system, skeletal system, respiratory system

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

The educational science app's videos illustrate the concepts in simple and lucid way in 5 to 6 minute duration videos. The goal is to inspire a spirit of scientific imagination about these concepts in young minds thus significantly enhancing their interest level in science.

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

【免費教育App】Alyss Science Inspiror-APP點子

If you are

- A parent looking for any app to create excitement for science in your children at young ages

- A middle/high school teacher intending to introduce these science topics to your class to ignite a spirit of scientific imagination in the students

- A science student of any age who wants to visually experience these past science discoveries without accessing advanced laboratory equipment to demonstrate the same

- Just anyone who wants simple, visual explanation of these concepts without any scientific jargon

This educational science app is just right for you. Upgrades will be available every 2 months covering more topics in physics, chemistry and Biology for grades 6 to 10

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