Amazing Jewish Facts Calendar

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What did the Jews have to do with Columbus? How about Louis Armstrong?

【免費教育App】Amazing Jewish Facts Calendar-APP點子

Where in the Talmud can you find a reference to airplanes and telescopes?

【免費教育App】Amazing Jewish Facts Calendar-APP點子

What are the top five inventions by Jews that you can’t live without?

【免費教育App】Amazing Jewish Facts Calendar-APP點子

What does Judaism say about Jesus?

What does ancient Jewish wisdom have to say about how to make your spouse happy?

Why didn’t they teach this stuff in Sunday school?

Regardless of your Jewish background or knowledge, you will find yourself amazed every day.

The Amazing Jewish-Fact-a-Day Calendar is NOT merely trivia. It includes a wealth of ancient Jewish wisdom on life, relationships, ethics, and spirituality. You will also learn amazing things about Jewish history, religion, Torah, Hebrew language, philosophy, geography....even a bit of Jewish humor!

Each day's fact includes links to further information. Some say that these links are the best part of the app - they include online articles, books on Amazon, and streaming audio and video that you can enjoy right inside your device.

Favorite Jewish Facts may be bookmarked and even emailed to your friends.

Each day displays both Standard Date and Hebrew Date. As you can see from the screen shots, each day also displays a cool image.

The Amazing Jewish Fact-a-Day Calendar will quickly become one of your favorite apps!

(And out of 300,000 Android apps, guess which one keeps Shabbat?)

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