Amazing Woman Gravity Ninja

【免費街機App】Amazing Woman Gravity Ninja-APP點子

play now the Amazing Woman Gravity Ninja game !

Siren is one of the highly advanced amazing woman ninja, developed to keep peace between the two worlds, the up and the down world.

Help her make it through his final challenge by flipping gravity.

Features just one simple control.

Touch the screen to flip gravity.

So be brave and capable to win with high score, share it with your friends, win with the highest score, and shows that you are the best.

✔ Available for all android device.

✔ 100% FREE

【免費街機App】Amazing Woman Gravity Ninja-APP點子

✔ Excellent graphics

✔ Available for child, adolescent, or adult

✔ Gorgeous theme inspired graphics and music

✔ Difficulty to master

✔ Realistic physics

✔ Accurate controls and super smooth gameplay

✔ Global high scores let you compete against players from around the world

✔ Excellent replay value

【免費街機App】Amazing Woman Gravity Ninja-APP點子

✔ Progressing

✔ Player profiles

✔ Share with your friends in differents social networks like google+, facebook, or twitter

✔ and much much more...

Be happy and have more fun !

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How long can you keep your player siren the woman ninja running?

【免費街機App】Amazing Woman Gravity Ninja-APP點子

Discover the art of gravity shifting now!

Thanks For Reading, Enjoy!

【免費街機App】Amazing Woman Gravity Ninja-APP點子

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