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This Ammonia Calculator application provides users with a wide range of useful calculation conversions for Ammonia. Ammonia calculations can be quickly & easily performed for any Ammonia volume or mass in order to obtain physical, pricing and gas storage results. In addition, a useful “Units Conversion” section provides a handy calculator for converting pressures, temperatures, volumes, weights, length, area, energy, power, density and flow rates.


Detailed Description of AMMONIA CALCULATOR:

1) Converts Ammonia quantities for wide range of common units:

>>Standard Cubic Feet (SCF), Normal Cubic Meters (Nm3), Pounds, Kilograms, Gallons, Liters, Metric Tons, Tons with engineering accuracy up to 10 decimal places;

2) Converts Physical Properties of Ammonia:

>>Specific Gravity, Density, spec Vol, Normal Boiling Point, Heat of Vaporization, Critical Pressure, Critical Temperature, Specific Heat, Viscosity Coefficient, thermal Conductivity;

3) Calculates Ammonia Price Conversions:

>>outputting to: ($ / 100 SCF), ($ / Nm3), ($ / Kg), ($ / Lb), ($ / Ton), and (€ / 100 SCF), (€ / Nm3), (€ / Kg), (€ / Lb), (€ / Ton);

4) Ammonia Gas Storage Calculator:

>>Input Volume, Pressure and Temperature to Determine

Total Tank capacity and useable tank capacity between Max / Min pressures in units SCF & Nm3;

5) Pressure Conversion between:

>>((PSI) lbs/in2), Bar, Torr, KPa, MPa, Inches H2O;

6) Temperature Conversion between:

>>Fahrenheit, Rankine, Celsius, Kelvin;

7) Volume Conversion between:

>>Cubic Inches, Cubic Feet, Gallons, Cubic Centimeters, Cubic Meters, Liters;

8) Weight Conversion between:

>>Ounces, Pounds, US Tons, Grams, Kilograms, Metric Tons;

9) Length Conversion between:

>>Inches, Feet, Yards, Miles, Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters, Kilometers;

10) Area Conversion between:

【免費工具App】Ammonia & Unit Calculator-APP點子

>>Square Inches, Square Feet, Acres, Square Miles, Square Centimeters, Square Meters, Hectares, Square Kilometers;

11) Velocity Conversion between:

>>Feet per second, Feet per minute, Miles per hour, Knots, Meters per second, Kilometers per hour;

12) Energy Conversion between:

>>Foot-Pounds, British Thermal Units, Kilocalories, Joules, KiloJoules, MegaJoules;

13) Power Conversion between:

>>British Thermal Units per hour, Horse Power, Foot-Pounds per Second, Watts, Kilo Watts, Mega Watts;

14) Density Conversion between:

>>Pounds per cubic Inch, Pounds per Cubic foot, Pounds per gallon, Grams per cubic centimeter, Kilograms per cubic meter, Kilograms per Liter;

15) Flow Conversion between:

>>Liters per minute, Liters per hour, cubic meters per minute, cubic meters per hour, Cubic feet per minute, Cubic feet per hour;


How to Use Instructions:

1. Drag screen left and right to position viewable page previews.

2. Touch page preview to launch Calculation page.

3. Touch "Black" Button rectangle to continue from blank Output page to interactive Input page.

4. Touch the "White" text input rectangle to enable keyboard.

5. Press "Done" on keyboard or Android return key to exit on screen keyboard.

6. Interact with page and select unit / property from list to calculate and return to filled output page.

7. Use the android return key to return to main scroll menu.

【免費工具App】Ammonia & Unit Calculator-APP點子

8. Use home button to exit app.


【免費工具App】Ammonia & Unit Calculator-APP點子

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