Ampacity 2 (Beta)

【免費生產應用App】Ampacity 2 (Beta)-APP點子

Note: Ampacity 2 is a free re-release of an older title (Ampacity) updated for newer version of Android. It'll always be free, but it's in beta now, so email me if you happen on any bugs/crashes. Thanks!

Tired of running out of juice? Sick of going into settings to look at battery levels? Wish it were easier to apply settings all at once? Ampacity is your all-in-one battery management application, with an advanced system for settings rules to conserve battery, an easy to read yet highly customizable status bar notification, a handy battery life chart, and an app monitor to determine which applications use the most power. Ampacity also supports a custom percent display based on terminal voltage for devices with malfunctioning power readouts.

The rule system supports these triggers (when your phone tries to test rules):

Boot completed

Screen on

Screen off

Phone plugged in

Phone unplugged

Battery level changed

Rules run only if they meet the conditions you set for them. These conditions can be any combination of:

Within location

Outside location

Battery greater than

Battery equal to

Battery less than

Battery status (e.g. charging, full...)

App running

App not running

Current time before

Current time after

Current day of week

Time between rule runs

Connected to Wi-Finetwork

The actions the system can apply are:

【免費生產應用App】Ampacity 2 (Beta)-APP點子

WiFi on/off

Bluetooth on/off

Data on/off

Data pulse (when the screen turns off, pulse data on and off)

Set brightness

Show message

Show notification

Run system command (root)

Launch application

Experimental (more details in the help files).

The ongoing notification in the status can display battery percent, health, estimated system time left, battery temperature, battery technology, and estimated time left for a certain notification. It also offers a Gingerbread fallback icon for older devices.

The application includes three homescreen widgets. The first, which is 1x1, shows battery percent. The second, which is 4x1, displays battery state, battery percent, and voltage. The final, which is 3x2 and expandable to 4x2, shows percent, state, and icon representing both state and percent, estimated time left, voltage, temperature, and battery health. The last widget can also be placed on lockscreens on 4.2+.

Permission Explanations:

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED :: Launch the application with the device start

READ_PHONE_STATE :: Get basic information about battery/device state

CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE :: Enable and disable network interface to save power

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE/CHANGE_WIFI_STATE :: Enable/disable Wi-Fi and read data for network connected condition

BLUETOOTH_ADMIN/BLUETOOTH :: Enable/disable Bluetooth

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION :: Get rough network estimates of location for geolocation condition

ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION :: Center the map for choosing the desired geolocation to your current position

GET_TASKS :: Used by running app/not running app condition

ACCESS_SUPERUSER :: Run root commands as an action

WRITE_SETTINGS :: Manage data states and screen brightness

【免費生產應用App】Ampacity 2 (Beta)-APP點子

INTERNET :: Load the map tiles for location chooser

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