Amtel Secure

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Amtel Secure App allows deployment of mobile devices in the enterprise for greater operating efficiency.

Protects corporate data access on mobile devices

Secures BYOD for business use - MDM

Supports Samsung KNOX configurations

Control over corporate Email access on mobile devices

Integrates with Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync EAS and Office 365

Geofencing and location based security

Lost device and GPS location tracking

Full or selective wipe and remote device reset

Real-time usage control with thresholds and alerts

International roaming alerts and call redirection

Emergency notification services

Other features:

• Remote OTA Provisioning

• Password policy

• Wi-Fi, VPN, Certificates

• Device Statistics: IMEI, SIM, Network information, Running processes, Battery, memory, RAM, Platform Name, Version, Device Name

【免費商業App】Amtel Secure-APP點子

• Role based profile settings

• Detect compromised devices

• Browser & Websites restrictions

• Features restrictions (camera etc)

• Remote wipe (full, selective)

• Remote lock, reset password

• Recommended market apps

• Restrict apps

• In-house enterprise apps

• Share documents & files

• Lost Device Tracking

• International roaming alerts

• SIM change alert

• Usage Reporting for Voice, data, text

• Broadcast Text/SMS/Push message

【免費商業App】Amtel Secure-APP點子

• Gateway for email management

Note: Please contact your IT administrator to get your User ID & Activation password in order to start using this App.

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