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【免費音樂App】AndRecorder - Free-APP點子

Our easy-to-use sound recorder lets you instantly record anything interesting and important happening around you. You can use it as a note or memo recorder, dictaphone, voice recorder or even to record a whole conversation - simply click and start recording!

- Manage & email recordings

- Saves WAVs

*This is NOT a call-recorder!*

See AndRecorder-Premium on the Market for additional features.

See for FAQ.


"AndRecorder - Free" is a free sound recorder with an easy to use interface and elaborate functionality, including:

* Large button to start and stop recording

* Easy access through notification (cancelable through settings)

* No limit on recording length

* Creates WAVs, which allow easy usage with various editing tools

* Recording frequency rate setting - 11025/22050/44100 Hz.

* Recorded file header and counter setting

* Pause-record functionality

* Playback functions including:

【免費音樂App】AndRecorder - Free-APP點子

- Sort by recording date or name

- Show today's/week's/all recordings

- Play/Pause/Stop functionality

- Repeat One/All/None

- Delete recording

- Email recording (limited by email attachment size)

- Various recording date format settings

* 3 Themes (icon sets) available)

* Records during screen-off

AndRecorder is not a call-recorder (although on some HTC and Motorola phones, it can record even during calls, allowing for call recording when the speaker is used).

General application and development details:

We welcome all feedback and address users' needs and requests, including problem solving. The main screen features a "Send Feedback" button for that purpose exactly.

There is also a Premium version, which has additional FastForward and SeekBar functionality for playback, as well as "Set as Ringtone".

This is an ongoing project, with other features yet on the "future features" list.

See demonstration video at:

【免費音樂App】AndRecorder - Free-APP點子

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【免費音樂App】AndRecorder - Free-APP點子

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