AndroPlayer Zooper Widget Pack

【免費個人化App】AndroPlayer Zooper Widget Pack-APP點子

ANDROPLAYER REQUIRES ZOOPER WIDGETS PRO™, MEDIA UTILITIES™ AND ACCUWEATHER® (AccuWeather® required for weather hotspot. If you do not have AccuWeather® please set it to your preferred weather app). YOU MUST HAVE MEDIA UTILITIES™ INSTALLED AND CONFIGURED BEFORE INSTALLING ANDROPLAYER. AndroPlayer is a media player skin that has two hotspots. Touch the time and you will open the Android Clock App, touch the temperature and you will open Accuweather (default setting - if you don not have Accuweather installed please customize to your preferred weather app.)

In Media Utilities™: Go to settings, check the box for "Zooper™", check "Make cover art available", set cover art size to 200 and set coverart shape to square.

***Time Design Clocks is not affiliated with or sponsored by AccuWeather® or Zooper Widgets Pro™***

【免費個人化App】AndroPlayer Zooper Widget Pack-APP點子

【免費個人化App】AndroPlayer Zooper Widget Pack-APP點子

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