Android Explorer

【免費工具App】Android Explorer-APP點子

Android Explorer is the most intuitive, multi purpose all in one explorer utility for Android Phones.

If you have a tablet(honeycomb or higher), please try Tab Explorer, exclusively designed for Tablets

Features -

* File Explorer - Explore files in your android phone easily. Android Explorer has the most intuitive file explorer that makes the best use of the screen size.

* App Explorer- Explore apps on your android phones easily

* Image Explorer - Explore images on your android phone

File Explorer


Browse files the most intuitive way

Easily Copy and Paste files

Easily Create Folders, Rename files or Delete files or folders

Share your files easily

【免費工具App】Android Explorer-APP點子

Share an entire folder easily by zipping and sharing

Sort files based on name, size or type

App Explorer


View all apps installed on your android phone

Backup, share or uninstall apps

Filter apps based on size or name

Easily email the app install link

Image Explorer


Explore images on your phone

Easily share any image

【免費工具App】Android Explorer-APP點子

Android Explorer - The original multi purpose explorer designed for phone.

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