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【免費教育App】AngularJS videos-APP點子

This app is a wrapper for youtube videos related to AngularJS (three series).

1st: The author of the series is Web store, the title is: All you need to know about AngularJS.

【免費教育App】AngularJS videos-APP點子

2nd: The author of the series is Dan Wahlin, the title is: AngularJS Fundamentals in 60-ish Minutes.

【免費教育App】AngularJS videos-APP點子

3rd: The author of the series is Joe Maddalone, the title is: AngularJS.

Note: The app doesn't include any videos; they are streamed from youtube. If you don't use "flat data plan" or not use free wifi, pay attention of the amount of data you are consuming.

【免費教育App】AngularJS videos-APP點子

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