Animal Coloring Book (ads free

【免費教育App】Animal Coloring Book (ads free-APP點子

Animal Coloring Book is a coloring and paint tool for kids. Kids can use their finger to paint on touch screen. They can choose a nice animal picture from our gallery to start coloring and paint. They can also learn animal's names from the pictures and coloring the names.

A educational game for your toddler or preschooler.

- 2 modes: Real finger painting and the-machine-fills when touching

- 100+ cute images to coloring

【免費教育App】Animal Coloring Book (ads free-APP點子

- a white background for your kids to free drawing

- Run on both phone and tablet

【免費教育App】Animal Coloring Book (ads free-APP點子

- Share your photo when done

- Language: English, French

【免費教育App】Animal Coloring Book (ads free-APP點子

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