Animals Finger Paint Premium

【免費教育App】Animals Finger Paint Premium-APP點子

An app for finger paint, where you can color animals from many templates. For Kids and toddlers.

You can coloring: donkeys, frogs, birds, lions, sheeps, monkeys, snakes, dogs, huns, pigs, ducks, roosters, horses, elephants, parrots, cats and cows. Many more are coming.

There is a free version with less animal´s templates an number of saved drawings limitation.

Each animal´s template has 3 selected colors to paint, 3 brush thicknesses, an eraser, an a model to follow, eveything in the same screen ready tou use it, so is a very easy paint tool for kids.

You can erase what you want and also clear eveything to start over (long click in the delete icon).

You can save your drawings and load your works to keep coloring all the times you want.

Have fun and enjoy it.

【免費教育App】Animals Finger Paint Premium-APP點子

【免費教育App】Animals Finger Paint Premium-APP點子

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