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Send Text / SMS Messages Anonymously with Anonymous Text! This simple and easy to use application allows for sending messages quickly and safely. All you need to provide is the recipient's cell phone number. We'll take care of the rest!

We provide security, full anonymity, and ease of use. Messages are 100% untraceable.

Text messages sent from native text clients are archived by phone companies. Pragmatics Mobile is an advocate of uninhibited individual expression. With Anonymous Text - messages are not stored or sent from your phone, instead they are relayed and sent by a server.

* Anonymous Text Lite sends one way messages. If you wish to have full conversations anonymously download the Full version of Anonymous Text.

Top Features //

- Optional Nick Name

【免費通訊App】Anonymous Text Lite-APP點子

- Texts / SMS Messages are Free

【免費通訊App】Anonymous Text Lite-APP點子

- Will Not Count as an SMS on Mobile Phone Plan

- Send Unlimited Texts

Currently Supports: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Virgin, Boost Mobile, and T-Mobile.

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