Anti Bully SMS Guardian Pro

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Do you worry about your kids receiving bullying SMS messages?

Are you concerned about your kids reading words that you don't want them to read?

Install Nifty Guardian onto your Childs Android phone and have specific words of incoming SMS messages changed to words that you would like them to see.

【免費通訊App】Anti Bully SMS Guardian Pro-APP點子

The incoming SMS can be censored, manipulated and only then; delivered to your Childs phone.

Also, you the Parent have the option to allow Nifty Guardian to forward the original SMS and the number it came from to you.

Nifty Guardian also can be protected by pin with the option of a secret password in the event that you lose the pin number. This secret password can be sent to the Childs phone by SMS in order to remove the Nifty Guardian pin block, thus gaining access to Nifty Guardian again without pin protection.

In order to be inconspicuous on your Childs phone, Free Nifty Guardian with 3 definable words will be known as 'NG'. Please try the Free version first.

This Pro version has 10 definable words, no adverts and will be known as 'NGP'.

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