Antivirus SMS

【免費通訊App】Antivirus SMS-APP點子

Thanks to SMS Antivirus, you will be safe from apps that subscribe to

premium services or attempt to make calls to numbers with additional


Antivirus SMS

Scan each app you install on your phone and detects threats related to

premium SMS and calls without your consent. Avoid additional charges

on your phone bill.

Reviews the applications you already have installed on your phone.

With little resources or battery consumption SMS Antivirus analyze

【免費通訊App】Antivirus SMS-APP點子

each application and will advise you of those with permission to SMS

(Short Message Service) or send calls. Warn you of those applications

which can perform a scam.

The user can select the applications and remove them with only a click.

Applications that are shown as possible infections have the ability to

perform operations by SMS permissions they have, but that does not

mean that use it to subscribe to a premium SMS or create us additional

costs on the invoice.

If you discover a scam SMS app, please email us to add it to our

【免費通訊App】Antivirus SMS-APP點子

database. Thank you!

【免費通訊App】Antivirus SMS-APP點子

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