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"Risk Map tool for Risk Management, Strategy and Global Investments".

The Aon risk map measures the political risk of countries and territories. Key risks identified are exchange transfer, legal and regulatory risk, political interference, political violence, sovereign non-payment and supply chain disruption. Political risk map and terrorism risk map data will be available only for the current quarter.


【免費商業App】Aon Risk Map - Free-APP點子

Political Risk Map - With risk analysis for political violence etc,

【免費商業App】Aon Risk Map - Free-APP點子

Terrorism Risk map

【免費商業App】Aon Risk Map - Free-APP點子

Map Analysis for Risk Management, Strategy and Global Investments

【免費商業App】Aon Risk Map - Free-APP點子

Works best with Android 4.4.

【免費商業App】Aon Risk Map - Free-APP點子

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