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APK Downloader is an application that allows you to download APK files from Google play store without installing the app on your Android device.

It use google market API and download directly from Google Store by your Download Manager, so help you avoid trojan or spyware when downloading APK file from internet.

NOTE: The application download APK with the same way with google store APP, so, some restricted applications may not be downloaded by this app now. I'm working on this issue to let user can download restricted applications.



- Add more option to set target download folder


- Show more detail error reason when login fails

- Remove proguard option, it stripped out some classes, and make crush on large device


- Add new option to customize country, sim operator and language. Hope it can let download more application.

- Obfuscates by proguard to optimize application

- Try do delay Ads at start up to temporary fix the crash (this is the bug in Google library, we are waiting for their fixs)


- Fixed download paid apps. The paid app must be bought before.

1.11, 1.12,1.13:

- Display more detail error message when login fails, show error message when downloading fails

- Fix compatible issue on Kitkat

- Better error handling

- Support set custom deviceID (for advanced user only). So that, some devices like GT_I9300, LG G2... can works by setting other deviceID.

【免費工具App】Apk Downloader-APP點子

1.09, 1.10:

- Fix crash at Setting screen on big screen device and android 2.3.x

1.07, 1.08:

- Automatically download from google play share function

- Use ThreadPoolExecutor to improve downloading stability

- Display Pending download list and status


- Fix a crush bug in 1.04 version


- Fix a crash bug in 1.04 version

- Change the download file name to use version name instead of version code


- Improve stability


- Add link to apk details at google store

- Show download file after it completed

- Improve stability


- Fix crash issue with some android 2.3 devices

- Fix "download" button is float over frame with application has long title

【免費工具App】Apk Downloader-APP點子

- Make application can run well on device has no google service (example: kindle fire...)

- Better handling error

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