App Inventor Training

【免費教育App】App Inventor Training-APP點子

App Inventor Training is a free App from Android App Training.

This App is not meant to train you how to use App Inventor. We offer online courses that teach you App Inventor, which you can access through the app. The App Inventor Training App does give you access to over 40 tutorial videos and our blog which has tutorials. You're free to use those to your heart's content.

What's in this app:

* About Android App Training

【免費教育App】App Inventor Training-APP點子

* Tutorial videos from our YouTube channel

* Form for requesting a free trial of our online App Inventor courses

* Ability to purchase our online App Inventor courses

* Our Facebook page

【免費教育App】App Inventor Training-APP點子

* Our Twitter feed

* Our blog with App Inventor news and tutorials

* Our App Inventor Podcast

As you can see, this App is not meant to be a stand alone method of teaching you how to use App Inventor, that's what our online courses are for. However, you will get access to tons of video tutorials and text and screenshot tutorials through our YouTube channel and blog.

【免費教育App】App Inventor Training-APP點子

Consider this App your gateway to learn about our company and find all the great training opportunities we offer.

【免費教育App】App Inventor Training-APP點子

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