App Lock : Lock Apps

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App Lock : Lock Apps is the app to lock and secure your android applications by secure PIN from your friends, family or mates, who has access to your android phone. Using this app you can easily lock chatting apps, SMS, call logs, hide images or videos easily, lock your gallery easily.

It is very easy, fast and secure way to stop access of your personal apps to others.

【免費工具App】App Lock : Lock Apps-APP點子

Easily set PIN recovery options with security question or email setup.

App Lock : Lock Apps Features-

【免費工具App】App Lock : Lock Apps-APP點子

- Secure applications by PIN lock

- Setup recovery question or recovery email

【免費工具App】App Lock : Lock Apps-APP點子

- Hide images or videos in gallery

- Choose from different backgrounds

【免費工具App】App Lock : Lock Apps-APP點子

- List or grid layout view


【免費工具App】App Lock : Lock Apps-APP點子

Q. What is the default PIN of App Lock : Lock Apps?

A. Default PIN is 1234. It is strongly recommended to change PIN at very first use of app from application Settings option.

【免費工具App】App Lock : Lock Apps-APP點子

Q. What if I forgot my PIN?

A. You can set recovery question and recovery email from app, and can easily recover your PIN using option of your choice.

【免費工具App】App Lock : Lock Apps-APP點子

Q. Is App Lock : Lock Apps safe to use?

A. Yes, this application is 100% safe and secure to lock your apps and hide images or videos. We do not gather any kind of information from you.

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