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INTRODUCTION TO APPNEA 2.0 (31 December 2014)

Version 2.0: New "Export" & "Share" feature !!

AppNea is an Android app for detecting sleep apnea episodes.

It cannot replace medical devices and the user accepts the fact that AppNea might be imprecise in the apnea detection.

Besides, the usage of AppNea requires the user to keep his or her smartphone on his or her breast all night long: to be in the safe side for what concerns damages due to radio frequency signals, it is possible to put the device off line.

AppNea is available on Google Play.

AppNea 2.0 introduces the possibility to:

【免費健康App】AppNea - Apnea Detector-APP點子

- Export AppNea data (from the option menu of the Data Display activity)

- Share AppNea data (from the Edit activity)

An Ads bar has been added in the Edit activity.


In order to let AppNea check your breath rate and detect Apnea Episodes, it is necessary to put your smartphone on your breast.

【免費健康App】AppNea - Apnea Detector-APP點子

The best method I have found, so far, consists in putting you smartphone in a small bag such as those ones you can use for running.

Then, you have to fasten it around your chest, making sure the smartphone is in vertical position (Fig. 1).


After installing AppNea on your Android smartphone, you can launch it. The first screen shows you the Introduction text and asks you to confirm the NOT-RESPONSIBILITY of the developer of AppNea (Fig. 2).

If you agree, AppNea shows you the list of all your previous tests. You can Edit or Delete them, using the contextual menu.

If you open the App options, you can add a new one, using the Option "Add Test" (Fig. 3).

Instead, "Help" brings you to this page.

After filling the field of the Title and, optionally, the field of Description, you can start the Calibration phase (60 seconds duration).

【免費健康App】AppNea - Apnea Detector-APP點子

- Click on the "Calibrator" button

- Put your smartphone in the "phone-bag" that you already have fastened around your breast (in no more than 10 seconds)

- Lay in horizontal position

【免費健康App】AppNea - Apnea Detector-APP點子

- Breath normally for about 10 seconds

- Hold your breath for at least 15 seconds, no more than 30 seconds

- Return to normal breathing and wait for the message at the end of the Calibration phase

If the calibration succeeds, you can read a value in the Sensibility field (Fig. 4).

【免費健康App】AppNea - Apnea Detector-APP點子


Before running the AppNea test, you have to set the end of the test, by clicking on the Set End Time (Fig. 5).

- Put your smartphone in the "phone-bag" that you already have fastened around your breast

- Lay in horizonal position

- Sleep

【免費健康App】AppNea - Apnea Detector-APP點子

- AppNea will tell you when the test is over !


At the end of the test, you will be able to:

- Read the Possible Apnea Index (PAI - Fig. 6).

- Display the data (button "Data Display" - Fig. 7) and the Export them (Option menu of your smartphone)

- Share the data (bluetooth, email and so on).

【免費健康App】AppNea - Apnea Detector-APP點子

- Plot the data (button "Data Plot" - Fig. 8). Data about your Possible Apnea Index are plotted with a black line, while data about your body orientation are plotted with a green line.


If you have any question or feedback, please contact me at:

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