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Battle to save earth from invasion. Console style game play in real life with your friends. Hunt invading alien bees in the real world!

Start the game and you create a buildings in your neighbourhood.

1. A factory, to increase the power of your weapons

2. A power station for faster energy recharge

3. Headquarters to allow you to engage Alien Swarm from greater distance.

Battle the swarm before they destroy your city and your critical assets, engage them in a real world 3D environment. Use your weapons and powerups, follow the mapping directions to score extra points.


【免費街機App】AppTag Swarm-APP點子

Install this Massive Multiplayer game and battle together with 1000's of other players in the real world to defeat the SWARM. Invading aliens are everywhere around you.

Loads of different weapons, health packs, ammo packs, and power ups! Or upgrade for the tactical edge.


Incredible Real World Gaming Experience



Works with most Android devices

Keep your case on!

Magically connects to your phone, no syncing, Bluetooth® or wires.

AppTag fits most popular blasters or use the included pistol grip.

【免費街機App】AppTag Swarm-APP點子

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CAUTION: Be sure to use a case! Most cases fit in AppTag Device Clamp. HEX3 is not responsible for damage to your iPhone or iPod touch. AppTag laser tag is also available in multiplayer

CAUTION: Familiarise yourself with your playing area and remove any obstruction before each use. Take frequent breaks during use if necessary. Play with caution in extreme light conditions as screen device screen may be difficult to see.

【免費街機App】AppTag Swarm-APP點子

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