This soundboard application gives you eight different sounds you can play at the touch of your fingertips.

The sounds are:

Normal Clap - Two hands clapping.

Golf Clap - A quieter clap sound heard on televised golf tournaments, or a clap that can be used in sarcastic situations.

Sarcastic Slow Clap - Evenly spaced applause from a single individual, typically used to call attention to the clapper's presence rather than as a genuine accolade.


Whistle - The sound of a referee whistle commonly heard at football games.

Crowd cheering - A large crowd cheering; use it to uplift someone when they do something good.

Crowd Booing - Use this to let someone know they did something you don't approve of.

Wrong Answer - A sound you can use when someone gives you the wrong answer. Game over; thanks for playing.

Vuvuzela - An annoying trumpet-like instrument played by fans, mainly in African countries, in football matches.

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