Application share and extract

【免費工具App】Application share and extract-APP點子

Application Share and Extractor: The One and only application on the Google Play Like this : Application Share and Extractor is an android application used for getting all the pictures used in the application as well as the Apk of the application.

By using this application you can share,save and view the pictures used in the installed application in your phone gallery.

The Features of this Application :

【免費工具App】Application share and extract-APP點子

1. Back up the Application apk file.

2. Extract images From the application.

3. Share the images of the application to any one and anywhere.

【免費工具App】Application share and extract-APP點子

4. Open the Google play page so you can easily update your application.

5. Launch the application.

6. Uninstall the application.

【免費工具App】Application share and extract-APP點子

7. Search the Application.

It is a light weight application and simple UI. It not required rooting and you can easily get the apk and images of the intalled application in your phone in one touch.

You can Share and save the Apk files for backup.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the application.

【免費工具App】Application share and extract-APP點子

If you cannot getting any application images please let us know. we will fix it as soon as possible.

【免費工具App】Application share and extract-APP點子

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