Apricot (Aprico-tan) is a talking agent who reads RSS/Atom news feeds and add comments on the news one by one. Inspired by fed news articles, Aprico-tan speaks to you in a way that human beings never can.



-Can feed any RSS/Atom sources to Aprico-tan.

-Can change costumes of Aprico-tan.


-Can let Aprico-tan learn new words.

Explanation of "Learn" button:

Aprico-tan is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and can learn new words. Add words (one by one) which you are interested in here, and press "Learn". Aprico-tan learns the words and start paying attention on the news including these words.

New Features in Version 2.7:

-Integrated Twitter search in Feeds.


-Improved Atom parser.

New Features in Version 2.6:

-Fixed a minor bug.

New Features in Version 2.5:

-Changed the balloon background.


-Updated scripts.

New Features in Version 2.4:

-Updated scripts.

-Fixed a minor bug.

New Features in Version 2.3:


-Supported English language for the ask feature.

-Switched xAuth to OAuth for Twitter.

New Features in Version 2.2:

-Improved a caching mechanism for script.

New Features in Version 2.1:


-Added the ad filtering feature.

-Supported Alert event.

-Improved a thread performance.

-Updated scripts.

-Fixed a minor bug.

New Features in Version 2.0:


-Added the ask feature (only Japanese language).

-Supported Yu Gothic font for Japanese environment.

-Improved the script execution performance.


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