ArabNews (Mobile)

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Experience Arabnews newspaper on your Android!

Arabnews daily articles are at your finger tips. Content is split into meaningful sections, allowing you to quickly locate your favorite news.

You are also able to save articles of interest for later retrieval (bookmarking facility), as well as perform a search across all the sections presented to you.

Even more, you will be able to browse today's newspaper pages and those of earlier editions.

The above features are only a subset of what the app has to offer. Other features you'll surely welcome are:

* Offline browsing: items are automatically cached on your device, allowing you to browse them later even when your device's connectivity is disrupted

【免費新聞App】ArabNews (Mobile)-APP點子

* Sharing articles across social media, e.g. Twitter and Facebook, as well as via traditional email

* Control over which sections to display and which to hide

* Ability to extend your search beyond keywords to authors and subjects

* Ability to stream some of the latest videos, which are carefully adapted to your device and bandwidth.

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