Arabic Alphabet Pro

【免費教育App】Arabic Alphabet Pro-APP點子

Arabic Alphabet for Kids is one of the complete android applications for arabic alphabet learning. There are few excellent features in this application which will make the kids interested to use this application more and more, and eventually they will learn more. The features are given below,

1. List of all characters.

【免費教育App】Arabic Alphabet Pro-APP點子

2. Numbers (1-10) with example images.

【免費教育App】Arabic Alphabet Pro-APP點子

3. Kids can practise hand-writing of characters and numbers, and save it.

【免費教育App】Arabic Alphabet Pro-APP點子


【免費教育App】Arabic Alphabet Pro-APP點子

5. Each character has nice words. [please see the sample images]

【免費教育App】Arabic Alphabet Pro-APP點子

6. Few Exercise:

-> Completely random set of vowel and consonant to test the skill.

-> Multiple choices after counting pictures.

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