Arabic proverbs in English

【免費娛樂App】Arabic proverbs in English-APP點子

The "Arabic Proverbs in Englishi" is as the name suggests an application containing Arabic proverbs in English.

The application is made ​​specifically for those who, like me, are interested in Arabic culture.

In the application, you will find hundreds of proverbs and sayings Arabic with Arabic literature.

The "Arabic Proverbs in English" can be used anywhere. Ideally suited to pass the time while traveling, in line at the office, in line at the doctor.

I would recommend very highly this application.

What we know of famous Arabs ? Arabs include such personalities as :

- Queen of Jordan - Rania ;

- King of Jordan - Abdullah ;

- Osama bin Laden - known terrorist ;

【免費娛樂App】Arabic proverbs in English-APP點子

- Mohamed Atta - known terrorist ;

- Bashar Al Assad - President of Syria ;

- Abu Musab Az -Zarqawi - a known terrorist ;

- Dodi Al Fayed - the lover of Princess Diana Spencer .

As you can see Arabs released to the world many celebrities . Among them were terrorists , scientists ( Arabs have created a number of inventions and a huge contribution to science ) .

The application includes famous quotes of Arab thinkers , philosophers , etc.


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