Simple and straight forward application to keep track of your archery scores.

New in version 1.4

- Improved swipe function on the main screen

- Zoom function (Beta - 3x Zoom)

- Bug fix : Date now has correct month


- Screen tilting deactivated when on target face screen to avoid loss of data

- Galaxy Tab support

- Round shot holes

- Center button on directional pad places shot


Position your shot, then use either the “Volume Up” button to zoom in (Volume Down to zoom out again) or “long click” on the display (>1 second) to zoom in/zoom out.

The zoomed view can’t be moved around (yet). I’ll only implement this if it is requested by enough people.

Validating a shoot with “Ok” also zooms out.

*** If you'd like to see specific target faces or round templates hard coded into the app, please let me know ***

*** Thanks to everyone who took the time to send in bug reports and their ideas to help ArcheryBuddy become a better app. ***

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