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My objective in writing this booklet is to share with friends and family, and others of curiosity and interest the question “Are We Out of Time”? It is not my intention to impugn any particular belief or religion, but to challenge the reader to study and investigate far enough and deep enough to convince themselves of the absolute truth. It truly is the single most important decision everyone needs to make in this life.

I am unapologetically a Fundamentalist Christian who tries to follow the teaching of the Apostles, the first century church, and the followers they personally taught. I believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, and its accuracy (a topic covered in detail later).

I am a big fan of the Amazon Kindle, and specifically the Paperwhite. A great many of the books and authors that I reference in this work were downloaded to that device. Due to the reader’s ability to change font size and line spacing, it is impossible to give specific page references in those works, but I will endeavor to reference those works by the author whenever used in this work. It is my firm belief that any and all questions where disagreement may occur be tested against the Word of God, and I would encourage the reader to do so. In fact, the Holy Bible cannot be studied enough. I have read it through many times, but always am able to discern a new idea or revelation each time I open the pages. I believe that is because It is a “Living Word” written through men by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and He gives us insight into its meaning as we study His Word.

It is my opinion that there are far too many Christian sects (somewhere over 180 by last count). Many because of petty and misinformed opinions, others due to man-made tradition most of which cannot be supported by strict study of the Scriptures and the first century Christians who were taught directly by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, or His appointed and their followers.

I have endeavored to present all facts which can be supported directly from Scripture, regarding those items where it is “my opinion” or those of other authors I have also clearly tried to reference those such. I neither intend to add to, or take away from the Word, and it is my prayer that this booklet will be of benefit to the reader in helping to make that most important decision I referenced earlier.

May God Bless, enjoy!!

Holy Spirit Medical Missions & Ministry, are we out of time,

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