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The Art Location’s mission is to equip artists of all ages to explore their giftings in a safe, supportive, and creative environment.

The Art Location is a proud member of:

National Art Educators Assoc.

Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce

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The Art Location, the new home of Custom Wall Art, Inc., is a

multi-faceted art business owned by Nadine Rippelmeyer. Find all of your art needs including art lessons, art trips, art supplies, art marketing seminars, art camps, photography, commissions, art agency, and much much more! Don’t forget to come browse through our new art gallery featuring original paintings by Nadine Rippelmeyer and other local artists. Imaging, framing, and reproductions are also available through our associate, Scott Frame and Art, who has a satellite location in our store.

The Art Location is a safe and creative environment for ages toddler through adults. Children’s classes incorporate drawing, watercolors, Wikki Stix, block printing, acrylic painting, clay sculptures, scratch art, pastels, mixed media, and cartooning, just to name a few! All children’s art classes teach art history through fun and innovative art games, movies, and lessons. Everyone will be sure to find something that interests them! Adult classes concentrate mainly on painting while building an atmosphere of fellowship and community.

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