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Art Quiz is a simple trivia game. Learn and test your knowledge about great artists including DaVinci, Pollock, Van Gogh and more. The game has three modes: All Questions, Name the Artist and Trivia. Answer questions and rack up points. Answer fast and get bonus points. Try to beat your best score. Compare your scores with the world with our online leaderboard.

TriviaToy is a new trivia ecosystem for Android. New features, questions and categories are being added constantly. The goal is to have a great user interface, fun user generated content, and social features. Maybe learn something in the process!


【免費解謎App】Art Quiz Trivia Toy-APP點子

- Multiple-choice questions

【免費解謎App】Art Quiz Trivia Toy-APP點子

- Both image and text based questions

【免費解謎App】Art Quiz Trivia Toy-APP點子

- Review your results

【免費解謎App】Art Quiz Trivia Toy-APP點子

- Submit your own questions

【免費解謎App】Art Quiz Trivia Toy-APP點子

- Send questions to friends via Twitter, Facebook, email or through any installed app support Google's share menu.

- Online leaderboard. See how you rank!

- Play offline

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