Artiweet for Twitter

【免費社交App】Artiweet for Twitter-APP點子

A brilliant Application serving all customers who need to write more words and Characters at Twitter , by providing outstanding solution to people who wants to share their articles and thoughts in one single tweet; without being restricted with 140 character.

Now everyone can write more at twitter, in one tweet you can write unlimited words and characters to express your feelings and thoughts


• Featured App in Google Play

Key Features:

• Write unlimited characters and words

【免費社交App】Artiweet for Twitter-APP點子

• Choose artistic Backgrounds for your article

• write title for your Articles

• ability to Hashtag at the title

【免費社交App】Artiweet for Twitter-APP點子

• unlimited archiving for Articles

• choose your favorite Font style

• Choose from different colors for fonts

【免費社交App】Artiweet for Twitter-APP點子

• Tweet Directly from artiweet app without opening Twitter

【免費社交App】Artiweet for Twitter-APP點子

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