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We are thrilled to announce the release of a new mobile app that will enable our fans to collaborate with us on a future song.

This app enables you to record and share sound samples with us. It also provides you with all the latest ADF news.

We will go through all the samples that are submitted and select as many as possible for use. We want you to share a sample of something that inspires you; it could be anything from birdsong in a forest, the sound of waves on the beach, a car engine or even your housemate whistling. Whatever it is that inspires you in your daily life we want you to share it.

Terms & conditions:

* The maximum sample length allowed is 20 seconds.

【免費音樂App】Asian Dub Foundation app-APP點子

* Copyrighted sound recordings will not be accepted as samples.

* You must have an account on SoundCloud in order to share samples with us.

* There is no limit to how many samples you can submit.

* Samples will be accepted until June 2012. Users will be notified if their sample has been selected.

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