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Asian Restaurant News is a monthly publication that is printed in English and distributed nationwide to more than 21,000 Asian-themed restaurant owners, operators and suppliers, foodservice executives, chefs, analysts, members of the media and other friends of Asian cuisine. The publication features updates on restaurant industry news and trends, with special coverage on hot Asian restaurant concepts, new Asian cuisine dining trends, professional cooking innovations and restaurant operations, marketing and management ideas.Launched in 2004, ARN is the fourth title of trade magazine published under SBS, Inc., and is a sister trade magazine of Chinese Restaurant News (, a monthly Chinese-language magazine established in 1995, which is published and distributed nationwide to 40,889 Chinese restaurants.Every month, we inspect issues and trends that drive the foodservice industry to change, and offer ideas to help restaurateurs in managing daily details, staying on top of technology, understand changing markets and expanding into new profit boundaries. Asian Restaurant News provides “food-for-thought” for Asian restaurant owners and operators to grow their business.

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