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“ Smarter way to learn Agile”

Interested in learning Agile Development? Like to a part of nimble and collaborative software development startups? Need a change from Waterfall development? Interested in Scrum Master role? Like to secure an Agile Certification? Like to differentiate you from rest of your team? Do you believe in Trust, Transparency, Business value, Collaboration, Automation? Are you focused one creating and capturing value? Feeling disconnected from the stakeholders , clients and team?

Ask Agile helps to improve your Agile skills by systematically walking you through effective practice questions with multiple choice answers. There is no limitation on the number of exams you can take. Each quiz will takes less than 20 minutes only. Ask Agile provides you an interactive way to learn Agile basics and to prepare for Agile certifications. With over 200 sample exam questions based on Agile fundamentals, tools and process Ask Agile take you one step closer to the ACP, Certified Agile Practitioner, Scrum Master exams.

【免費教育App】Ask Agile-APP點子

Key Features:

- 200+ Agile exam practice questions

- Timer option keep you honest on the exam progress

【免費教育App】Ask Agile-APP點子

- Ability to review the answers to improve your learning

- Ability to share your score with social media

- There is no limit on the number of exams you can take

【免費教育App】Ask Agile-APP點子

- Each exam questions are randomly generated from our question bank

【免費教育App】Ask Agile-APP點子

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