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AudioStreamer is a complete music player and management application for your Android device.

Some of the features include:

- Support for a wide range of audio and playlist file types

- Stream your network music over Wi-Fi (LAN or WAN (with map network drive)). Audio Streamer will automatically find your shared LAN locations

【免費音樂App】AudioStreamer Free-APP點子

- Remote control your playback via your web browser

- Listen to a wide range of online radio stations and record them (songs are tagged and added to the playback folder)

【免費音樂App】AudioStreamer Free-APP點子

- Turn your TV into a jukebox by connecting your device via's it's HDMI cable (HDMI-Out, HDMI cable and HDMI-in on the TV is needed)

- Create & play playlists

【免費音樂App】AudioStreamer Free-APP點子

- Car-mode

- Real-time text and voice search - Type or say an artist or song and Audio Streamer will build a playlist for you while you listen

【免費音樂App】AudioStreamer Free-APP點子

- Multiple player skin support - create your own skins too

- Your Picks - add songs, playlists, radio stations for easy access

【免費音樂App】AudioStreamer Free-APP點子

- Plays podcasts

- File management - copy, move, rename

Audio Streamer is left open to you to customize the look and organisation of your music.

Please see for all the latest on Audio Streamer

NB. This is the free ad-supported version of Audio Streamer without Radio recording and skin functionality. For a small fee you can get the full version without ads and full functionality.

【免費音樂App】AudioStreamer Free-APP點子

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